President’s Message

President’s Message

On April 21st, BCLMA held its Annual General Meeting. We were able to capitalize on some of the bylaw amendments passed at last year’s AGM. The Notice of the AGM was sent by electronic format this year, saving postage and bringing us into the 21st century! We accepted five representative proxies at this year’s AGM.

Special thanks to our board for their dedication and volunteer time this past year: Elizabeth Jackson, Cindy Hildebrandt, Leslie Green, Leslie Morgan, Catharine Rae and Pelar Davidson.

With the AGM comes a change in our Board members. Pelar Davidson resigned as a Director and we thank her for her two years of service. Both Catharine Rae and I ended our three year terms as Directors. Thank you to Catharine for her three years of service as Director and Vendor Liaison. These departures resulted in three Board vacancies.

There were three nominations put forward: Yvette Whitson and Rob Walls and I put my name forward for another term. All three were appointed by acclamation. Yvette is a past Chair of the Finance subsection and Rob is the Chair of the IT subsection. We welcome their expertise to the board. I was nominated as President for another year and delightfully accepted. Our 2017-2018 Board consists of:

President          Lorraine Burchynsky – Boughton Law Corporation

Secretary          Leslie Green – DuMoulin Black LLP

Leslie Morgan – Harper Grey LLP

Elizabeth Jackson – Farris LLP

Cindy Hildebrandt – Richards Buell Sutton LLP

Yvette Whitson – Edwards Kenny Bray LLP

Rob Walls – Boughton Law Corporation

We are excited to note that we have increased membership to 169 member firms with a total 475 representatives and affiliates.

With the change in the Bylaws came some revisions to the Policies and Procedures. We have added Board of Directors’ duties and changed alumni member to honorary member through invitation by the Board. The current Bylaws as well as the Policies and Procedures can be found on the website under Resources – Governance Documents.

We started off the 2017 year with eight new co-chairs for our various sub-sections. The Board has worked hard to maintain two chairs for each subsection allowing for succession planning as well as affording more members the opportunity to experience these positions. All subsections are working hard to coordinate informative and educational events for our members.

Our relatively new Social Media Committee, led by Margaret Cividino of Miller Thomson, has been doing a fantastic job. They are busy promoting our organization including educational and subsection events as well as providing support to our business partners, all through Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. I hope all members will take some time to follow BCLMA’s exciting and informative company LinkedIn Page.

We continue to provide our members with relevant surveys. The small firm’s survey will be in electronic format this year and we’ve added Medium Firms’ Administrators’ Salary survey for 16-29 lawyers, also provided in electronic format.

We had a good turnout to our first educational event of 2017 held on March 1 at the Terminal City Club. Liane Davey was our guest speaker and spoke on “You First: How You Can Change your Team for the Better”. If you were unable to attend this event, or would like a refresher, you can access the video on our website under Forums – All Members – Documents.

We have recently booked an incredibly dynamic speaker, Eric Seeger, for the Managing Partners’ event in November. Eric will be speaking on “Law Firms in Transition, 2017 / Trends in the Profession,” based on Altman Weil’s 2017 Law Firms in Transition Survey.

The Law Society Law Firm Regulation Task Force has been conducting focus group sessions within the legal community. By request, a delegation from BCLMA attended a very informative and constructive meeting on March 9, 2017. The Board will continue to monitor this issue and will work with the Association’s subsections and members to provide support as law firm regulation becomes a reality.

2018 is our conference year and the Conference Committee, chaired by Leslie Green, has already held several meetings. We’ve made a change in our conference venue from the River Rock in Richmond to the Convention Centre East in downtown Vancouver. We’ve also made a date change from March to April 19 – 20th, 2018. The theme is Law Firms in Transition Communicate, Engage, Plan. Stay tuned – we’ll release more information as the agenda is finalized.

It’s been a very busy and productive year and we have lots on the go for the upcoming year.

Lorraine Burchynsky
2017 BCLMA President
Administration Manager
Boughton Law Corporation