British Columbia Legal Management Association.


Representatives must select the subsections on the enrolment from which they wish to receive communications.

MEMBER FIRMS may also appoint AFFILIATES (formerly "Subsection Members") who are eligible to enrol in subsections. AFFILIATES shall be law firm management personnel. Providing that there is at least one REPRESENTATIVE in the firm, any number of qualified legal managers/supervisors (functional specialists) can become AFFILIATES.

In the event that an AFFILIATE enrolled in a subsection cannot attend a corresponding subsection meeting, a SUBSTITUTE (REPRESENTATIVE, AFFILIATE or NON-AFFILIATE within that MEMBER FIRM) may attend on the AFFILIATE’S behalf at the discretion of the Subsection Chair and provided the applicable event fee is paid for each SUBSTITUTE.

A NON-AFFILIATE may attend on the AFFILIATE’S behalf just once within a fiscal year. If that individual is selected to attend on the AFFILIATE’S behalf more than once, then that individual must enrol in the BCLMA.

Participation in the Human Resources Subsection is open ONLY to Administrators and others in the firm who deal with confidential personnel information.

Enrolments are transferable within a firm. For example, if a REPRESENTATIVE or AFFILIATE leaves his/her firm, their replacement assumes the corresponding level of enrolment.

BCLMA offers an Alumni category to any person who has been a member of VALA and or BCLMA for a minimum of 10 years and who is currently retired from the legal profession.

Notwithstanding any of the foregoing, the Directors reserve the right to accept and refuse applications for enrolment in subsections. The Directors may at any time request a description of an applicant's duties in their current position or request a copy of their current job description.


Subsection Meeting Schedule
Facilities: 3rd Wednesday / 2nd month
Finance: 3rd Thursday
H.R.: 2nd Wednesday
K.M.: 4th Wednesday / 2nd month
Trainers: 4th Thursday
Technology: TBA
Small Firms: 2nd Thursday
Litigation Support: 3rd Tuesday/ 2nd month

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