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President's Message

BCLMA President's Message - Spring 2013
Anita Parke

I am truly honoured to be writing to you as the new President of BCLMA, but I must admit it’s also a bit intimidating. As I write I am thinking back many years ago to when I joined the Association in my first HR role in a law firm. I was very green in the legal management world and therefore relied heavily on the Association’s significant resources, and in particular the wealth of knowledge of its experienced members, to guide me through many challenges. I really looked up to those leaders and was in awe of their accomplishments. From those early days, I vowed I would give back to the Association that helped me so much in my career; however I didn’t have a clear vision of how I would best be able to reciprocate everything I had received from this organization. It became clear two years ago when I joined the Board, and is now solidified as I serve as President. I am very much looking forward to the year ahead and working hard to continue to contribute to the Association through my Presidency.

As President I am fortunate to be supported by a fantastic Board with whom I have already had the pleasure of working. Ernie Gauvreau, Susan Spalding, Paula Keiss, Lori-Ann Birsdall, Leslie Morgan and our Past-President, Cindy Hildebrandt, bring a breadth and depth of knowledge, experience and ideas that will continue to drive the success of the Association. I thank them for their incredible dedication and effort. In addition, I must mention our terrific Administrator, Jane Kennedy, who “makes it so” with apparent ease. And thank you to Angela Zarowney, our long-serving Treasurer who we won’t let retire! Together I think we make an excellent team.

Kudos also go out to the subsection Chairs who continue to work hard to share ideas within the subsections and provide value to our membership by hosting a variety of educational events.

Looking at the year ahead, the theme of our conference comes to mind: CHANGE. This year the Board will certainly be embracing change. It will be a year of evolution for the Association and we will strive to implement positive changes that will benefit the membership. For a start, as you can see, TOPICS has a new, fresh and updated look. And as you will see below, there are several other projects and improvements you can expect in the coming year.

The website committee will continue to work on revamping and modernizing our website and has a clear view to make it an excellent, user friendly resource. One of the goals is to have all members’ pictures on their profile on the new site. Our membership is always growing and changing, so we would really appreciate it, if you haven’t already done so, that you please supply your photo to be included. I’m sure you will agree that it’s always nice to take a sneak peak and be able to put a face to a name, particularly before an event.

The Board also would like to review and revise our current By-laws (parts of which are seemingly antiquated) to ensure the Association runs smoothly and that we are able to move forward and meet objectives with ease. We look forward to working on that project and will be presenting it to the membership for approval.

Building relationships has always been an important part of the BCLMA and this year we are looking to solidify relations with sister Associations TLOMA and ALA. We will be co-hosting a meeting with their Board members in August in an effort to exchange information, share ideas, create best practices and ultimately be able to offer our membership shared benefits.

And finally, we listened to your feedback about the timing of the BCLMA conference! The next conference will include a half day of content during the afternoon of March 6th and a full day on March 7th, 2014. We look forward to welcoming you once again at the always exciting River Rock Casino. The conference committee has already been working hard to ensure this will be a terrific event focused on leadership.

Learning and following the advice of great leaders is a key step toward becoming a better leader yourself. I have relied on the great leaders within BCLMA to help me grow in my legal management role and I think it’s important that the Association continues to develop leaders who will share their knowledge. We must never lose our passion for educating to help produce the leaders of tomorrow.

Thank you for your support. Your Board and I look forward to a successful and exciting year ahead.

Anita Parke



Subsection Meeting Schedule
Facilities: 3rd Wednesday / 2nd month
Finance: 3rd Thursday
H.R.: 2nd Wednesday
K.M.: 4th Wednesday / 2nd month
Trainers: 4th Thursday
Technology: TBA
Small Firms: 2nd Thursday
Litigation Support: 3rd Tuesday/ 2nd month

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