Exploring Communication Effectiveness Through the Lens of Personality Preferences (Small Firm Sub-section)

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Date(s) - June 22nd, 2017
12:00 pm - 1:30 pm

Terminal City Club


The Small Firm Sub-section is pleased to invite you to our next meeting experience!

Get ready for an “experience” not just a meeting.  Be prepared to gain insight to your “self”.  Look forward to an interactive assessment and presentation that will change the way you view your interaction with other others.

Much has been written about the legal industry lagging behind in the development of leadership skills to meet the current and growing challenges of client expectations, technology solutions, data security and the culturally diverse multigenerational workforce, to name a few. Given we spend 80% of our time in the workplace communicating while interacting with our peers, attracting and building client relationships or influencing others, focusing on developing effective communication as a core leadership skill is a great starting point.

Created by Rob Toomey, former corporate lawyer and founder of TypeCoach LLC, and based on Carl Jung’s personality theory, TypeCoach is an innovative tool that provides information about our personality preferences (behaviours), sheds light on individual differences and provides tools to help develop the skills to improve our communication with others. Equipped with this information, we get to fast-track our abilities to recognize when it is important to shift or adapt our style to suit the other person’s needs so that we achieve our intended outcomes, especially in client facing situations!  The business case for investing in strategic communication is simple: it becomes a differentiator tool leading to improved knowledge sharing, effective team building, higher adoption of policies, principles and responsibilities, successful change management, a culture of client value through collaboration and so much more! The benefits of having helpful tips that take the mystery out of how to communicate with people from other personality types is endless.

This meeting’s sponsor, TypeCoach, has generously gifted complimentary access to the TypeCoach Verifier+, a personality assessment tool, as well as TypeCoach programs including Type to Type, the communication tool, for anyone attending the session. This interactive session will explore some of the personality preferences and how these can help or hinder communication. The dynamics that come up when people from different preferences interact will be discussed and strategies to improve communication effectiveness will be explored.

Objectives of the session:

  • Discover or verify your individual personality type
  • Explore different personality preferences and how they influence communication
  • Examine communication dynamics between different preferences
  • Discuss strategies to help find a ‘common language’

Please note:

In order to get the most from this one hour session, there will be pre-work required using the TypeCoach tools before attending the session. Once you set up your personality TypeCoach account with the complimentary code you will have indefinite access to the coaching and videos as well as the Type to Type communication tool.

Speaker:  Suzanne Ricard-Greenway, MA, PGCs, ACC, Executive Coach, Facilitator and Speaker

Suzanne is a certified executive and leadership coach with over 20 years of experience working at strategic, management and operational levels in government, private and non-profit sectors in Canada and the United Kingdom. Bringing a fresh perspective and solution-focused approach, Suzanne partners with executives and professionals to help them identify strategies and solutions to lead change effectively, shift cultural mindset, increase productivity and achieve personal and professional goals.    

Incorporating psychology, neuroscience and mindfulness to her work, Suzanne’s unique expertise lies in taking the mystery out of human behavior, helping clients understand and recognize what goes on behind their own and other people’s behavior and reactions, so that they may develop skills and strategies to improve their effectiveness. Clients who work with Suzanne report a heightened awareness of the impact they have on others, an increased confidence about their ability to stay calm in stressful situations and improved effectiveness in their communication skills. Her ability to pass-on research-based models, tools and techniques to her clients empowers them to bring immediate change in their behavior and further develop their leadership impact.

Program designer and workshop facilitator, Suzanne works with high-performing teams striving for excellence. She brings psychometric assessments as well as customized 360 interviews to her work to take teams to the next level. Some of the Speaking engagements include CPABC leadership conferences, BCLMA presentations and the International Coach Federation (ICF) Global Leadership Forum.

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