5 Mindfulness Practices for Difficult Times

1 Nurture hope with gratitude
Being grateful for all the good we experience is a first step in cultivating ongoing hope. In prayers, meditations or through exercises like journaling or having a gratitude diary, try to exercise gratitude for at least one thing, person or situation right now in your life.

2 Find peace within yourself
Peace begins when we make peace with our own thoughts, emotions and bodies. And the peace we experience in ourselves is proportional to the peace we are able to offer others and the world. Find ways to access inner peace and quietude

3 Exercise kindness and compassion
The perception of threats trigger the limbic system of the brain, pushing us into survival mode—a fight or flight. We see everything around us as a threat

4 Cultivate equanimity
Staying mentally and emotionally balanced even in the face of great difficulty is the quality of equanimity. Whether it is through meditation, prayer, connection with community or any other activity that lends valuable perspective

5. Each one teach one
Each of us have the power to transmit peace in what we share with others. All it takes is that we connect with one person, listen deeply and share ideas

Acknowledgment: Rich Fernandez
David McLean, MA (Leadership) CHRL

Director People and Organizational Development at Lambton College