Membership Information

Welcome to BCLMA – where leaders in law firm management meet, engage, explore and build their skills.

Our members are law firms, or business entities with legal departments who do not sell products or services (other than legal services), and have full-time employees who manage their organization.

There are three categories of individual enrolment: Member Firm Representative, Affiliates and Honorary Members.

  1. Member Firm Representative:
    Membership is owned by your firm and one individual is designated as the BCLMA representative. This person is permitted to attend any and all subsection meetings throughout the year. Each Member Firm may assign one representative. Representatives are individual employees engaged in the management of legal organizations or departments.  A representative, regardless of the person’s actual title, is defined as the person who is either:

    • the principal administrator in the organization; or
    • the manager of a branch office of the organization; or
    • the person who reports directly to the principal administrator or branch administrator and has responsibility for one or more of the organization’s major functional management or administrative areas.
  2. Benefits include:
    • Participation in the governance of BCLMA through voting rights at AGM board elections
    • Participation in BCLMA Education Events throughout the year*
    • Participation in Managing Partners’ Event*
    • No-cost admission to two evening networking/social events*
    • Participation in all BCLMA subsection meetings
    • Access to the “Members Section” of the BCLMA website
    • Surveys on staff compensation, firm profitability, staff ratios, charge out rates and management staff salary information*
    • TOPICS e-newsletter, published 3 times a year
    • Extensive networking opportunities with other legal administrators
    • Participation in committees to set the future direction of legal administration
    • Access to new developments in legal administration

    * There may be a cost associated with these events that is not included in the annual fee.

    Representatives should select the subsections on the enrolment from which they wish to receive communications. Doing so ensures you receive the most relevant information. Start here with the Online Enrolment Form and Map for membership boundaries.

    The Board of Directors reserves the right to accept and refuse representatives. The Directors may, at any time, request a description of the prospective representative’s duties in their current position or request a copy of their current job description.

    BCLMA membership fees (or a prorated amount) are non-refundable. The fees are not treated as a monthly subscription. The amount paid is considered an annual fee. Once a member’s annual fees are paid, they are members up to December 31st of that year.

  3. Affiliates:
    Member firms may also appoint affiliates who are eligible to enroll in subsections.  Any number of qualified legal managers/supervisors/functional specialists can become affiliates. If an affiliate cannot attend a corresponding subsection meeting, a substitute (representative, affiliate or non-affiliate within that member firm) may attend on the affiliate’s behalf at the discretion of the Subsection Chair and provided the applicable event fee is paid for each substitute. A non-affiliate may attend on the affiliate’s behalf only once within a fiscal year. If that individual is selected to attend on the affiliate’s behalf more than once, then that individual should enroll in the BCLMA. Please note that participation in the Human Resources subsection is only open to administrators and others in the firm who deal with confidential personnel information.Enrolments are transferable within a firm. For example, if a representative or affiliate leaves his/her firm, their replacement assumes the corresponding level of enrolment. The Board of Directors reserves the right to accept and refuse applications for enrolment in subsections for any reason. The Directors may, at any time, request a description of the prospective affiliate’s duties in their current position or request a copy of their current job description. Go to the Online Enrolment Form. Download Map / Membership Boundaries
  4. Honorary Member:
    An individual who had been employed with Member Firms for more than ten years and has actively participated in BCLMA (at the board, committee, or section level) may be invited by the board of directors to become an honorary member of BCLMA. Honorary members have not formal status in the association but may be invited to BCLMA events and may receive the quarterly newsletter. Members may apply or be nominated by the board. Contact Jane at to register.
  5. Interim Affiliate:
    Individuals who are no longer employed by a member firm can receive a complimentary six month interim affiliate enrolment at their current level, provided they are actively seeking employment with a BCLMA Member Firm, and are not currently working as a legal consultant or vendor.
    No one at the “INTERIM” level may be a Director or Officer, nor will they have voting rights at the Annual General Meeting. In order to be enrolled as an interim affiliate the applicant must contact the BCLMA Administrator.  The Board of Directors reserves the right to refuse applications for interim enrolment for any reason. Contact Jane at for more information or to register.