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Web Based Client Portals - a benefit to lawyers and clients

 This is a three-part series that attorney Nicole Black, Director at MyCase, will be discussing online client portals and how they can benefit both lawyers and their clients. First up, an introduction to and overview of web-based client portals.  PART I Web-Based Client Portals: An Introduction By Niki Black | Aug.18.14 | Law…


Looseleaf Pain - no one's gain!

…At the most recent meeting of the Canadian Association of Law Libraries in Moncton, it was clear that the present, past and future of looseleaf services continue to be a source of angst and concern in the legal research community. This fact has been documented on many occasions, most recently…


How to share your PowerPoint presentation through the web

Did you know that PowerPoint 2010 has a feature called Broadcast Slide Show with which you can share your presentation through the web to another computer, smartphone or any other device with a browser? Here’s how to use it. is a great site reference for all sorts of “how…


A Marketing Checklist for Small and Mid-Sized Law Firms

Evaluating Your Law Firm’s Marketing Program: A Marketing & Business Development Checklist for Managing Partners and Administrators   A Marketing Checklist for Small and Mid Size Firms


A Survival Guide for Legal Practice Managers

Recruitment Strategies your firm should be adoptingWhat is it that attracts a candidate to a firm? Research shows that it is not money alone but a firm’s reputation, measured across a number of different indices as highlighted in the 2015 ALPMA/Rusher Rogers Australian Legal Industry Salary & HR Survey and, as a…


Risks associated with the use of technology in the legal industry

Technology-Risks-Law-Firms-Need-to-Always-be-Considering As a company that focuses in securing data, technology and business processes, all of us at Blue Collar Computing (BCC) are witness to common risks associated with the use of technology in the legal industry. It’s no secret that Law Firms, attorneys, and paralegals work day to day with very…