What’s Killing Efficiency in Your Law Firm?

I recently came across an interesting article, published in Attorney at Work, that discusses five key areas that are potentially killing efficiency in today’s legal firms.

These five common efficiency killers include:

  1. Staffing and task assignment errors
  2. Manual billing
  3. Clinging to paper
  4. Tethering work to the office technology
  5. Settling for outdated technology

inMailX by Digitus’ is aligned to two of these common efficiency killers and can support you to resolve the issues in these areas.

The first is ‘clinging to paper’. We all know that paper is inefficient & expensive, takes up physical space, is difficult to share, cannot be searched and it can often take time to find various documents related to a matter/case. Transitioning to a ‘paper-light/paperless’ practice provides legal firms with a plethora of benefits, one of the most important being freeing up the availability of resources to focus on more profitable tasks. Implementing inMailX to support this transition has been found to achieve benefits such as:

  • Improved productivity across all users;
  • Create ‘end user happiness’ with simple and intuitive tools;
  • Complete and succinct client and matter files;
  • Streamlined and standardized client communication.

The second is ‘settling for outdated technology’. Outdated technology can often force your firm to follow poor workflow patterns which worked in the past but with new legal business models, can create bottle necks in your business. An intuitive user experience and integration of your key applications are essential to providing a ‘single view of a matter/case’ across a firm. inMailX supports this through:

  • Common user experience and reduced overheads by delivering email, attachment, content, time, print, and brand management via a single Microsoft Outlook add-in;
  • Open innovation with close connection and consistent feedback from the legal fraternity
  • Providing users with a familiar and intuitive workspace in Microsoft Outlook;
  • Simple email management integration with a variety of legal document management systems from the comfort of Outlook;
  • Increased user adoption with minimal training and support, and rapid implementation;

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