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  • Cancelled: DARING TO BE DIFFERENT: How to make your firm stand out!

    Date: November 27, 2017

    Cost: $17.00

    Location: Harper Grey LLP


    CANCELLED DUE TO SCHEDULING CONFLICT. Will be rescheduled for 2018.

    “We have deep experience.” “We understand your business.”  “We provide the highest quality service.”  Sound familiar?  Likely yes, because most law firm websites contain one or more statements like these.  But aren’t these claims all a given, an expectation?  What REALLY differentiates your firm from all of the others – sets it apart?  It’s a big question and not one that can be easily answered.  Differentiation means doing different things, or doing the same things differently. Join us at this month’s meeting for a round table discussion about why differentiation is important, why it’s difficult for law firms to achieve, how to build your firm’s strategy, and more.

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  • Federal Budget Update from KPMG

    Date: November 29, 2017

    Cost: $55.00

    Location: Terminal City Club


    Please join us for an update from KPMG on the 2017 Federal Budget.

    We are pleased to have Alex Volpatti, Kevin Koo and Kyna Ho, join us to present on the much anticipated topic of the 2017 Federal Budget.

       Alex is a Partner at KPMG, and has a long standing relationship with the Vancouver legal community. Kevin is a senior tax manager at KPMG, and specializes in working with private companies. Kyna is a manager at KPMG, and has managed various engagements for law firms.

    This presentation will focus on the Federal changes to billing procedures for lawyers, followed by a summary of the changes affecting private companies.

    As usual there will be an opportunity to ask questions relating to the presentation at the end.

    Lunch will be provided

    NOTE: Deadline for Registration is 12:15pm on November 22nd.

    For general information and/or questions relating to this event please contact Sarah Glazzard or Karen Meireles


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  • Small Firms Subsection: Building Better Workplace Relationships with Trust

    Date: December 07, 2017

    Cost: $45.50

    Location: Terminal City Club


    “To understand some of the emotions surrounding the client’s use of professionals, think of the personal risks (reputation, promotion opportunities, bonuses, perhaps even one’s career) that go along with the responsibility for choosing (and working with) any out¬side provider for a risky or expensive corporate matter.”

    ― David H. MaisterThe Trusted Advisor

    Whatever your practice area, your firm competes for clients based on the trust it can earn.  How we are perceived in communication with our clients, how well our actions exude dependability, how safe and secure our clients feel with their problems and how we focus our attention to each client all feed into trust.

    The Trust Equation – Credibility

    “Credibility isn’t just content expertise. It’s content expertise plus ‘perspective’, which refers to how we look, act, react, and talk about our content.”

    The Trusted Advisor, Chapter 8

    As a valued member of your firm’s legal support team, your ability to affirm trustworthiness in your client facing opportunities is paramount.  Your opportunity to earn a colleague’s confidence or establish a stakeholder’s support will be dependent on your ability to establish and maintain their trust.  Developing trust is a fundamental leadership competency consistently demonstrated by high-performing members in law firms at all levels.

    This workshop will present a model of trust that will help you understand the underlying trust motivator(s) or dimensions for yourself as well as how others determine whether they can trust you. The coach-approach to communication will be briefly introduced to help assess what others require to develop trust and strategies to build rapport and trust will be explored. By the end of the workshop you will be able to translate this new awareness into meaningful action to influence your workplace relationships.

    Workshop Objectives:

    • Gain an understanding of how trust is developed and ways to establish it
    • Learn a model of trust and how to apply it to self and others
    • Develope skills to establish trust and build relationships
    • Identify action point to translate learning into the workplace
    Our speaker:


    Executive Coach, Facilitator and Speaker

    Bringing neuroscience to life! | |

    T:  778-242-5520





    Suzanne is a certified executive and leadership coach who also specializes in team development. With over 20 years of experience working at strategic, management and operational levels, Suzanne worked in government, private and non-profit sectors in Canada and the United Kingdom. Bringing a fresh perspective and solution-focused approach, she partners with executives and their teams to help them identify strategies and solutions to lead change effectively, shift cultural mindset, increase productivity and achieve personal and professional goals.

    Incorporating psychology, neuroscience and mindfulness to her work, Suzanne’s unique expertise lies in taking the mystery out of human behavior, helping clients and teams understand and recognize what goes on behind their own and other people’s behavior and reactions, so that they may develop skills and strategies to improve their effectiveness. Clients who work with Suzanne report a heightened awareness of the impact they have on others, an increased confidence about their ability to stay calm in stressful situations and improved effectiveness in their communication skills. Her ability to pass-on research-based models, tools and techniques to her clients empowers them to bring immediate change in their behavior and further develop their leadership impact.

    Program designer and workshop facilitator, Suzanne works with high-performing teams striving for excellence. She brings psychometric assessments as well as customized 360 interviews to her work to take teams to the next level. Committed to paying it forward, Suzanne spent four years on the ICF Vancouver Chapter Board and received the prestigious high-performing Chapter ICF Global Recognition Award during her term as President.



    Roasted root vegetable salad, radish, frissee, herb vinaigrette

    Roast Turkey lunch, traditional accompaniments

    Opera Cake, coffee buttercream, chocolate ganache, coffee anglaise

    Please advise of any dietary restrictions.

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