Reach for the top of your career

Who We Are

We are a non-profit organization with more than 550 affiliates representing more than 185 member firms.

Our Vision & Commitment

BCLMA is committed to elevating the professional development of those who have chosen the legal industry as their career. Through its educational networking community, BCLMA provides mentorship and leadership opportunities.

Board of Directors

With seven diverse seats on the BCLMA Board, its members are assured a collaborative team to lead in all areas of strategic planning and fiscal responsibility. Decisions are aligned to its mission and benefit its entire membership.

President's Message

Read the latest message from the current President of BCLMA.

Subsections & Committees

BCLMA's subsection leaders and committee members lead the fun! They develop, plan and execute, creative events and information exchanges that target today's industry challenges.


Learn from some of the very best in our industry! The 'Ask a Mentor' program offers access to seasoned professionals who have volunteered to act as BCLMA mentors.


The contributions you make while volunteering make a difference in your legal community and benefit you and your law firm colleagues.