Why Do You Need a Learning Management System?

Posted on August 30, 2020

Training new hires in your firm: It can seem like Groundhog Day.

With the revolving door of today’s marketplace, law firms are constantly saying goodbye to employees and hiring their replacements. While new blood can infuse a firm with energy and new ideas, it can also disrupt systems and efficiency.

Seasoned attorneys who join your firm have their own way of doing things, which may throw a monkey wrench into your firm’s systems. Fresh-faced new attorneys may know all the latest technologies and software programs but have zero idea how to apply it properly in your environment.

Your new hires need to be trained in “The Company Way,” and fast!

Why Do You Need a Learning Management System?

If you don’t have one already, you need an LMS. Why? A robust LMS can…

  • Store all of your on-boarding training materials
  • Enable your HR and IT teams to create learning pathways using that training content
  • “Feed” the new recruits these training materials in the proper order and pace
  • Track each individual recruit’s achievements as they make their way through the materials
  • Test each recruit’s knowledge
  • Report on each recruit’s achievements and weaknesses

And the benefits of automating your on-boarding process are many…

Top 10 Benefits of Using an LMS to Automate Your New-Hire Onboarding

#10 Quick Setup, Speedy Rollout: With a robust LMS, you can set up learning paths based on each individual user’s role at the firm. Paralegals take one path, associates take another. Then, those paths can even branch based on their specialties or locations. For example, a paralegal supporting the commercial real estate division in the Chicago office can have a distinctly different learning path than other new paralegals.

#9 Consistency:
Once the learning paths are set up, you are relieved of the hassle of making sure everyone is studying the materials they should at the pace they should. Modules can require a test before moving into the next phase, assuring that your new hires are marching down the path as you laid it out for them.

#8 Trackable Results: Administrators need only pull up reports to examine who’s on track, who’s falling behind and who needs a little extra help.

#7 Easy Follow-Through: Ping anyone with a note from the LMS once you’ve studied the reports. “Looks like you need to jump on the NetDocs learning path, Winston!” You can also set up automatic reminders, as well.

#6 Incentivize Participation: Your reward program becomes a snap with an LMS. Admins can set up rewards trackers for individual users who may receive office accolades or gift cards for reaching goals.

#5 Reviews: Turn the review process into an objective examination of each person’s learning achievements. (Finally! A way to link bonuses and raises to training achievements!)

#4 Improved Efficiency Firm-Wide: When everyone is learning the same skills, work moves faster (and more accurately).

#3 Marketing: Clients today want proof that firms are keeping their tech skills sharp and protecting their sensitive data with ongoing security awareness trainings. Your LMS can create reports that you put right into the RFP.

#2 Save Money: When your firm’s employees are working more cohesively as a team, the firm saves money. Additionally, when your trainers can let an LMS do the nagging and nudging and reporting on new hires, they can focus on the firm’s more pressing strategic needs (such as a new DMS launch or security awareness trainings), creating further efficiencies for the firm.

#1 You Can Get on with Your Day and Still Be in Multiple Places at Once!


A quick note to those who crave an LMS for their firm but think they are cost-prohibitive:

Savvy offers an award-winning, affordable LMS.

If the new employee training process is dragging down your law firm, keeping your team from achieving its full potential, consider using an LMS to automate the whole process. If you’d like a free demo of the SavvyAcademy LMS, contact me today! [email protected],