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  • Leadership, Crisis, Stress, Neurology, Decision-Making, & Presence

    Date: October 01, 2020

    Cost: $0.00 - $63.00



    BCLMA Fall Virtual Speaker Series # 2

    Session will be presented by Zoom. A link will be sent to the registrant one week prior.

    The current times call for leadership in short-term crisis management and long-term scenario planning. In this new era, how we care for ourselves, lead with decisiveness in uncertain waters, and acquire new knowledge to build frameworks is critical. The pandemic has pushed us into unprecedented challenges. More than ever, we must be the leaders our teams need. How can neurology help us? How can we leverage our leadership presence and skills? Who can provide value in your role?

    Guest Speaker: Cynthia Mills

    Cynthia Mills is the Founder, President & CEO of The Leaders’ Haven™, a consultancy serving clients as a business strategist, board consultant, business and executive coach, succession planning and change management guide, leadership development catalyst, speaker, and facilitator for a variety of businesses.

    The Leaders’ Haven’s™ clients are leaders in the business, finance,  legal, marketing,  facility management, and media just to name a few.

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  • HOLY CRAP AM I BUSY! Changing our Culture from Overwhelmed to Resilient

    Date: October 22, 2020

    Cost: $0.00 - $63.00



    BCLMA Fall Virtual Speaker Series # 3

    Session will be presented by Zoom. A link will be sent to the registrant one week prior.

    Linda will reveal her research and data collected from dozens of organizations on how Chaos and “Busy” has become the new norm and wound us into the most unproductive and basically unhappy demographic in the past 30 years. Her straightforward and very humorous approach, stacked up with relevant and easy solutions, will get your organization and
    teams, back on track with clear vision and tools to take back their workday and their personal lives.

    • Change, what’s really getting in the way of you moving forward?
    • Change has never been this painless!
    • Clutter, how we sabotage our success with terminal piles!
    • Fatigue, tools to re-energize and re-engage.
    • Clarity, get down to what you really want, and become more accountable.
    • Laughter, this may be the best laugh you have had in a long time.

    Guest Speaker: Linda Edgecombe

    Linda Edgecombe, CSP, HoF is an award winning Celebrity Humorist Speaker, Trainer and Consultant. Her mission is to get people Fired up and Ready to Shift or Get off the Pot! Her non BS approach is funny, refreshing, engaging and relevant. She is a bestselling author and her promise is to help her audiences to create powerful shifts, become more accountable and build on momentum. She energizes every room as she leads people to loosen up, lighten the load and laugh. Her audiences are motivated and show how they can shift their perspectives on life, work and themselves.

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  • Save the Date - Marketing Subsection Lunch Session

    Date: October 26, 2020

    Cost: $0.00

    Location: Harper Grey LLP


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  • Three Cs of Effective Leadership: Lessons Learned from the Rise and Fall of Heenan Blaikie

    Date: November 04, 2020

    Cost: $0.00 - $95.00

    Location: Terminal City Club


    In these challenging times, there are certain requirements of good leaders to build and hold together effective organizations. Norm’s presentation will address his philosophies as to the three most important elements of firm building:

    Core Values
    Consistency of values and actions

    Norm will provide numerous examples from day to day management and will also address various other rules of thumb for effective leadership including the ‘rule of thirds’ and the need to bat .750 – no more, no less – in order to remain effective.

    Guest Speaker: Norm Bacal

    Norman is the author of the nonfiction debut Globe and Mail bestseller, “Breakdown”, about the meteoric rise and devastating downfall of prestigious Canadian law firm Heenan Blaikie, once home to Canada’s top lawyers, including former Prime Ministers, Jean Chrétien and Pierre Trudeau. Bacal founded the Toronto office of that firm in 1989 and in 1997, became the national co-managing partner, expanding their operations and clout internationally. He also served on the board of directors for Lionsgate Entertainment 10 years.

    His debut fiction novel, “Odell’s Fall” was called “a page-turning potboiler of a read” by former HBO Pictures President, Robert Cooper.  Bacal brings to writing his experience as one of Canada’s leading tax attorneys in the entertainment business.  He has helped to finance countless Canadian films and television programs and a number of Hollywood studio pictures.  In addition to writing, Bacal is a frequent speaker at law schools and forums.  He regularly delivers keynote speeches at corporate retreats, and has taken part in several roundtable discussions featuring prominent experts in firm management, growth and development.  Some of his topics include “Learning to Lead,” Building a Firm,” “The Importance of Culture and Values,” and “Building a Career.”

    Born in Montreal in 1956, Bacal graduated from McGill University’s Faculty of Law in 1980. He currently resides in Toronto with his wife, Sharon, a portrait artist. The couple have four children.


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  • Save the Date – Facilities Subsection Lunch Session

    Date: November 18, 2020

    Cost: $0.00



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  • BCLMA Annual Winter Social Reception - Postponned until November, 2021

    Date: November 19, 2020

    Cost: $0.00

    Location: Sutton Place Hotel


    The BCLMA Board has cancelled this years’ winter social due to the restrictions on social gatherings.

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