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March 6, 2024    
1:00 pm - 3:00 pm


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Course Overview

If you don’t receive meaningful responses to emails, if team members don’t act on or react to your memos, if clients have trouble following your presentation or do not feel persuaded or convinced by your proposal, then revise to active voice! The active voice approach untangles complicated, hard-to-follow writing and naturally transforms content to makes even your most technical content clear, succinct, and compelling. Active voice writing creates a more engaging and enjoyable read for colleagues, evaluators, and clients.

Course Objective

Learn the one simple trick that will immediately improve all of your writing and give your audience an enjoyable reading experience – usually with fewer words and always with more impact.

What you will learn

This two-hour course will show you:

  • How the passive voice complicates any writing
  • How the irregular verb ‘to be’ in particular creates avoidable issues
  • Strategies to overcome passive voice to help your readers understand, act, and react
  • The difference between past tense and passive voice
  • Necessary exceptions, depending on your intended meaning

Speaker Bio

Stephanie Marsh of Pier Blue Consulting writes, edits and provides writing training for a range of corporate offices, small businesses, and non-profit organizations. She brings expertise from her 25+ years of writing corporate communications and proposals in professional services firms.

Learn more about Stephanie and Pier Blue Consulting here.


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