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      Aninder Sandhu

      Hi all,

      I am going to be renewing our benefits for this year and there is a big increase in premiums.

      Could you share who you are using for benefits and what does your plan include?

      Thank you

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      All benefits are going up. The pandemic has created a surge in usage especially related to mental health. Our provider has sent us a 6 month update, due to the dramatic increase expected this year, showing spending to date compared to prior years full year spending. Currently we are tracking at having spent the same amount in 6 months that was spent the entirety of last year. We talked with our provider last year and unless staff want reduced services, which they do not, we are expecting a 23 – 25% rate increase this fall.

      Going to “market” may save us a little the first year but the insurer will make it up in the following years.

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      We have a broker – HUB International. If you are interested message me directly and I will give you my broker’s contact information.

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      We also have a broker… ICBA. If you would like my contact’s name, let me know and I can put you in touch with them. They have many options for you to choose from. Cheers,

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      We also have a broker which currently has us with PBC and rates have held.

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      We too have a broker (happy to share contact) and are currently with the Chamber of Commerce group plan. We just renewed at a 10% increase.

Viewing 5 reply threads
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