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      Mary-Helen Wright

      Our annual maintenance plan invoice from PCLaw/Time Matters (their new owner) has increased for 37 licences from $7,303 to $24,864 (a 240% increase)! I understand that similar increases are coming for all PCLaw licences. We also understand that the maintenance plan is required to obtain technical support, updates, and access to self-help guides, and other on-line resources.

      We use PCLaw for both time-keeping and document management, so would like to consider other options. Any suggestions? However, it may be that they too are using the worst time in the history of Canada to force significant fee increases on businesses?

      Any suggestions or ideas are most welcome.

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      We have encountered the same thing. I have 3 sets of books on PC Law with the largest being 71 licenses. Our first notice of the price increase came with our renewal notice which means there is not enough time to move to an alternative before we have to renew. We have decided to reduce down to as few timekeepers as possible while keeping in mind this impacts access through concurrent users. We are also looking at other software options and the one we have our eye on is Soluno but it is too early to know if it will work for us and with the crazy busy time that Covid has brought it is not the right time for us to dive into this. We will be considering it before our next PC Law renewal. I understand Soluno was developed by ex-PC Law techs (so they should be aware of the shortcomings and be able to manage a transition well).

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      Have you tried PCLAW support lately?

      I haven’t been able to get through to them via phone, we just get put on hold for many hours – and eventually the call drops. Their online chat was buggy and dropped my chat as well. I create a trouble ticket via online: I got a call back a week later, they left a message saying they’ll call again but never did. Then another week later I received an email that the case is closed.

      In the end we had to pay a local PCLAW consultant to resolve the PCLAW issue we had. Which was the best experience ever, only took half an hour – we wasted more time talking about how to get a hold of PCLAW support.

      Talking to Michael Gandy from PCLAW sales for Western Canada, he won’t budge on the pricing, and he is fully aware of the support issues.

      We can no longer rely on PCLAW support, I can’t imagine what the state of affairs would be if our PCLAW database crashed – I have no idea how we’d get a hold of someone over at PCLAW in a pinch. We’ll just rely on the hourly pclaw consultant until we find an alternative accounting platform. Soluno looks promising: https://www.soluno.legal/

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      Karen Tougas

      We just went through the same thing with ESILAW in May of this year. We were on the original Legacy program which was not cloud based and the support fees were minimal. We are a smaller Law firm but a very busy real estate office. We had 20 years of data on the Legacy program. They gave us 2 weeks to decide if we would like to move to the cloud based version or stay on their new and improved Legacy program for the same price as the cloud based program. We had no time to look into other programs to see if we could migrate our data over. Esilaw had the ability to shut us down as well. We got close enough to the deadline that we were unable to log in. The salesman we were dealing with had to call Esilaw to say that we were in negotiations and they granted us another 2 weeks to get set up on the cloud based version. We had to decrease our licences to 7 from 21 and our fees increased from 160.00 / month ( which was extremely low) to 800.00 / mth this is minimal compared to yourselves but relative. We also had to sign a 3 year contract for those prices. This is strictly for accounting we don’t use this for document management. The fee for migration would have been 10,000.00 through Esilaw. We managed to reduce the migration fee by hiring a Lady who worked in support for Esilaw in the past. She needed to purchase the migration software however from them for a small price of 5000.00 plus her fees. We ended up saving approximately 4000.00 for the migration. Now we are on the Cloud based version of Esilaw but if we need to call support for any issues it takes almost a week for them to get back. At this point I would not recommend Esilaw.

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      Hi Cheryl,
      Thank you for the tip. We’ll look into Soluno as well. For now, it seems we are in the same situation as your firm and will have to renew with PCLaw for a year while we shop around.

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