Law office should reflect, enhance firm culture

Posted on October 31, 2016

Current trends around law office redesign have a lot to do with financial responsibility and technology, as the age of the elaborate firm with a massive reception area is making way for a multifunctional space for all employees, Toronto legal management consultant Mark Dormer tells Lawyers Weekly.

As Dormer, owner and president of Cosgrove Associates Inc., says in the article, a firm’s office should reflect its culture, and enhance that culture for visitors and clients.

“If you have a stuffy, messy office, people get that impression when they walk in. When you have an open, friendly atmosphere, people can sense that,” he explains.

Technology is also playing a big role in the evolution of offices, with traditional boardrooms morphing into multifunctional rooms where employees can work together.

“Firms are moving away from paper files and more towards digital files so that can actually free up some space or help with the size of the space,” says Dormer.

He says it is important for firms to plan ahead to make sure your office space will be functional five years down the road. It can also help to consult with lawyers and other staff members on questions such as: do employees prefer standing or seated desks, and should partitions between workstations be high for more privacy or lower for greater collaboration?

“Look for flexibility. Get fresh ideas from even the staff and the lawyers about what they’d like to see in the space and how we can best use that space to enhance the working experience there,” says Dormer.


By: Mark Dormer – Mark Dormer is owner and president of Cosgrove Associates Inc., a firm that helps law firms set up management systems to track and improve docketing, billing, collections, client retention and referrals.