performance excellence

Performance Management Best Practices

One of the ironies of performance management systems is that so many people find they do not perform very well. A survey by People IQ, a company that provides Web-based performance appraisal systems, reported that only 13% of U.S. managers and workers and just 6% of CEO’s believe their organization’s PM system is useful! By Russell Horwitz KWELA …

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What is Workflow Automation?

Old-school organization and business processes were built around repetitive, manual, paper-based workflows. But today, agility, flexibility, and precise execution make the difference between success and failure for almost any enterprise. A workflow automation solution digitizes and automates repetitive processes, especially manual and paper-intensive ones, so you reduce or eliminate the “pain of the mundane” – …

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Why Your Company Needs Diverse Personality Types

This article on cognitive diversity came out late July on by Rob Toomey, Co-Founder of TypeCoach. Rob, (who, incidentally, was a lawyer), and his team at TypeCoach have developed a communication system based on personality type differences. Every good manager should understand workplace diversity’s value beyond the “feel good” optics of having men and women with different racial …

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