How to post an event – for Subsection Chairs


    1. Log in to the BCLMA website using your unique username and password.
    2. Go to Member Resources / Subsection Chairs and Committee Members and Click on “How to post an event”. Click on this Form:
    3. Fill out the form which will automatically be submitted to Admin. for uploading to the website. Enter ALL required information:
    4. Title – Enter event title in the appropriate field.
    5. Event details: In the main window, add all the event details including speaker information, general event info, menu, payment information. Note: It is very important that you include information about pricing structure, how to pay. Online credit card payment using STRIPE (the online payment platform) is encouraged (otherwise, note: Make cheques payable to…) and who to contact for more information (your email address and/or phone number)
    6. Where: Physical location and Virtual Location are both available
    7. When: Indicate the start and end, date and time.
    8. Upload presenter photo, images, pre-event reading etc.
    9. To Encourage members and non-members, consider ticket availability and pricing accordingly.
    10. Select the Booking Cut-Off Date. The BCLMA suggests a 72 hour pre-event cut-off.
    11. When you have completed filling out the form, click the Submit button. This will send the form to Administration for uploading into the event calendar and sending out.