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This is a great question and a hot issue! We do not have a policy at DLA Piper (Canada). All of our lawyers and staff do have the ability to work from home by logging in to Citrix and this has been the case for some time now.

Its generally an accepted practice for our lawyers, but we have not formally opened it up to staff. That said, there are a few positions that have specific approval to work from home for very individual circumstances (ie. a person in IT who does 1 day/week from home and whose work requires concentration). We also have a few staff who have requested to work from home instead of taking a sick day and we have allowed that to happen – ie. they were not so sick they couldn’t work, but sick enough they didn’t wan to infect others in the office. Its been very one-off/discretionary for our staff until now, but I do see more requests and anticipate putting some formal parameters around it.

Thanks for starting the dialogue!