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I might be a bit late in replying as I weed through my emails. We do not have an employee recognition program as per say but we do have an employee of the year award.

The recognition is that of your peers. It is only open to support staff to vote for support staff. Lawyers and management do not have a vote. Only rule, you must provide a reason for the vote. At our annual Christmas Luncheon we then read only the winners comments and present them with a gift certificate. Because management is the one counting the votes and knows ahead of time of the winner, I try and find a gift certificate to something that they like, rather then just picking something I hope they like.

Although we have only done this for 3 years, we find that it has encouraged our support staff to be more supportive of each other.

We do many of the things that Lisa mentions but look for ways we can improve team work and positive attitudes in the work place.