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Peter Errington
Alexander Holburn Beaudin + Lang LLP

We have Office Services open from 8AM -4PM daily. We have two staff in the office only (social distancing) who are receiving couriers, picking up mail, assisting with jobs emailed to us from lawyers/staff and scanning all incoming business correspondence. The other members of Services team who are working from home, are distributing business correspondence to lawyers/staff via email, along with other projects that can be completed remotely. We are rotating the Services team each week to WFH. For the people who are coming into the office we are also providing them with parking directly in our building so they are not taking transit to and from the office. We are also completing the daily bank deposit at the end of each day for accounting, via courier.

Reception calls have been re-routed for our Office Services members to answer who are in the office. But our IT are working on a solution for her to answer/route calls from her home.