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We were contacted by them as well, but found little advantage in terms of pricing and service. Our rate with Moneris is about the same as what Payfirma is offering, and we have a good working relationship with them. Using the new eSelectplus from Moneris offers the reporting and customized user profiles that we need. We can also do mobile transactions with Moneris — but we have never been too interested in that option.

I saw no compelling reason at this time to make the switch. But you should check with Moneris if your rates aren’t reasonably close to Payfirma’s — you may be paying too much (and Moneris won’t tell you that!). I had our rates cut in half within a day of contacting Moneris about our high merchant rates.

FirstData (one of the two merchant providers who handle transactions for Payfirma) also has CBA rates. Most merchant providers will be competitive if you present them with quotes from other providers.