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Hi Lana, I know you asked to email you but, I thought this information might be good to share. I am not sure if your firm has WordPress and wishes to keep it as its foundation. If it does, I have a recommendation for 3 local web developers. I have not had extensive interaction with them but, I can positively confirm the following:

1. Their business model – competitive and negotiable
2. They have other law firm or professional services references
3. Quality Service – attentive webtech support and attention to detail
4. Attention to detail in the rolled out end user experience
5. Positive references in ability to enhance the intuitiveness of the site features

1. Skunkworks Creative Group Inc. Doug Jasinski
p: 604.739.8976

2. New Media Syndicate Peter Rudd

3. Graphically Speaking Bob Logan
p 604.682.5500 ext 152

Good luck!